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Stamped Concrete: The Most Popular Outdoor paving Choice

Published 4/3/2014

Stamped concrete also known as patterned, textured or imprinted concrete is a process wherein normal concrete is altered, shaped or dyed to look like something else. It can mimic other construction materials like brick, cobblestone, flagstone, tile, slate, limestone, cracked earth, and weathered wood.

Stamped concrete serves as a perfect finish for driveways, walkways, sidewalk, pool decks, steps, fountains, courtyards, entries and patios. You can also have a bit of fun with the design by using animal shapes, leaf patterns or even dinosaur footprints. Stamped concrete surely is a perfect outdoor paving choice.

Stamped concrete is the preferred choice of homeowners today because they are able to take advantage of the strength of concrete while giving off an elegant look. Moreover, concrete is the perfect canvas for creating a good replica of more expensive materials without giving up a natural and authentic look.

Using concrete as the base would mean that stamped concrete would be longer lasting. However, there’s a chance that the colorants used to stamp your concrete may flake off sooner than expected. To avoid this, make sure that you have your concrete dyed while it is being mixed for a more permanent hold.

Another reason for stamped concrete’s popularity is its design flexibility and cost effectiveness. There are now more designs, patterns and options to choose from that if you have a specific design in mind, it has a good chance that it can be conveyed using stamped concrete. It is used to replicate more expensive designs for a lot less making it the most chosen option. Using stamped concrete instead of the real thing would help you save more or less 50% compared to using natural limestone or slate.

Stamped concrete is a low maintenance finish. The stones will stay evenly placed and won’t create uneven surfaces. There are no openings like joints or grouts where grass or weed sprouts can grow, thus, no pulling of weeds for you.

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