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Commercial Curbs / Sidewalk Services

You commercial facility more than likely has a good amount of foot traffic and vehicles entering and exiting your lot every day. A clean and well-kept exterior offers a warm and welcoming entrance. In addition to appearance, safety always should be a concern. Over time, concrete sidewalks and curbs will heave or settle, causing a rise or a depression between joints. Left un-treated, the un-level pavement can result in trip and fall hazards for pedestrians.

Fortis GroundWerks can eliminate this potentially harmful situation from arising. Our concrete paving team has years of expertise in installing cement sidewalks and curbs. Properly maintained concrete walkways act as a central necessity for arriving at your business while cement curbs lead water away from your foundation and towards the draining system. 

Make sure your commercial cement pathways and curbs are usable and properly preserved with the concrete paving and maintenance services offered by Fortis GroundWerks. Contact us today at