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Overlays - Walkways

Nothing sets the tone more than the walkway to your front door. As one of highest traffic paths to your home, You should ensure that your walkway is not suffering from dangerous trip hazards like cracks, bulges or gaps.

As important as the physical condition of your walkway is, being aesthetically pleasing is equally essential. Discoloration, fading or an outdated look can make your home appear much older than it really is.

Fortis GroundWerks concrete walkway overlays not only create a beautiful path to your home, but are more affordable than demolishing and building a whole new walkway.

Benefits of overlay to concrete walkways and sidewalks include:

  • Better resistance to weather
  • Exclusive "hand-cut" designs
  • Fast & Affordable installation
  • No big concrete replacement work or big concrete trucks in your driveway

Creating a new walkway to your home has never been easier or more affordable. Contact the experts at Fortis GroundWerks today to learn how you can instantly give your walkway a face lift, elevating look and feel to your home.