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Poly Cement Flooring

Advantages of Interior Polymer Cement Overlays

  1. Very Durable
  2. Abrasive and Wear Resistant
  3. Stain and Chemical Resistant
  4. No More Moisture Problems like Warping and Twisting
  5. No Mold or Mildew
  6. Great for People with Allergies

Countless Colors & Designs

Poly cement flooring offers many different choices of colors, textures and patterns allows for creativity that you can't get from carpet or ceramic tile. With our stamped poly cement overlay, you can mimic natural stone, slate, wood plank, tile, the list goes on and on.

Great Flooring Solution

Poly cement flooring is great for basement floor or any interior concrete slab floor. Maintaining interior decorate poly cement overlays is a breeze. After applying a good concrete sealer and/or a concrete floor wax, it just needs vacuuming and occasionally a going over with a damp mop. This will keep the floor looking like new, and make you very happy you chose a concrete overlay versus another kind of interior flooring.

Contact Fortis for poly cement flooring for your basement, laundry room, garage, or other interior concrete slab floor.