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LITHI-TEK 9500 Invisible Finish

A proprietary densifying and waterproofing hybrid concrete sealer that provides long-lasting protection from moisture and abrasion. Available only in concentrate.

  • LITHI-TEK 9500 - $109.95


An industrial-grade, water-based, proprietary sealer designed to densify, strengthen and waterproof concrete. Lith-Tek 9500 penetrates pores in the concrete to strengthen it by up to 50% while providing hydrophobicity in a single application. This proprietary blend of chemistries, shipped concentrated, is why we believe it is the concrete industry's most innovative product.

Coverage: Up to 1000 Sq. Ft.

Applications: Basement floors, poured basement walls, driveways, patios and garages not exposed to deicing salts

Technical Specs:

  • Feature: Waterproofer/densifier
  • Chemistry: Proprietary hybrid technology
  • Color: Clear
  • Finish: Invisible
  • Category: Penetrating 
  • Carrier: Water
  • Packaging: 1 gallon ultra concentrate
  • Coverage: Up to 1000 sq.ft per coat
  • Reconstitution Ratio: 1 part sealer : 4 parts water(distilled water is recommended)
  • Interior/Exterior: Interior/Exterior
  • Application Method: Sprayer, roller, brush
  • Application Temperature: 40 F - 95 F
  • Number of coats: 2 (wet-on-wet)
  • Time between Coats: 5 minutes
  • Drying Time (dry to touch): 6 Hour
  • Drying Time (full cure): 24 Hours
  • Time before/after rain: 48 Hours
  • New Concrete: Yes
  • Storage/Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Clean up: Soap/water
  • Paintable: Yes, oil or enamel based paint; first test for compatibility
  • VOC Content: 0 g/l

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